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CES URGENT – This is a team of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the marine industry. Our team consists of experienced sailors, teachers of marine higher education institutions, and teachers of English for sailors. The importance of testing for employment in our time has become more relevant than ever, and in many ways, it is the successful indicators that determine whether you or the other candidate will receive the desired vacancy.
Our mission – it is to become a support to any sailor and provide guaranteed assistance as soon as possible. We offer information support, assistance in passing tests, as well as registration of an account for independent delivery.


Currently, this type of testing of the crew is the highest priority, after the ISF Marlins Test. Passing this type of testing is one of the prerequisites for any moreman, both ordinary and officer personnel. It is also needed by those who wish to confirm their level of competence and knowledge.

According to our statistics, more than 500 sailors pass Seagull CES TEST 6.0.0 daily across the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. This applies to any positions in the merchant fleet, from the youngest to the top 4. CES TEST consists of more than 6,000 questions in the common STCW database and Detailed varieties.

The solution to any difficulties associated with testing seafarers in an emergency and with a guarantee of results!

Take the Marlins Test or Seagull CES 6.0 test, the Transas Navi Sailor test with a guaranteed result!

How to successfully pass the Marlins Test, Seagull CES 6.0 test and other tests in the Navy?
Take the Marlins Test or Seagull CES 6.0 test, the Transas Navi Sailor test with a guaranteed result!

To work on foreign vessels, it is often required to pass the Marlins Test or Seagull CES test. These tests test the general level of knowledge of English and proficiency in vocabulary. They are also needed to test listening comprehension of English. And without quality preparation, it is very difficult to complete these tasks.

There are also tests for knowledge of special equipment and programs for fleet employees. These include the Transas Navi Sailor test – a mapping system – and Furuno. These and other tests are your pass to successful work on ships abroad. To protect yourself from failure, you can’t download answers to the tests of sailors for free on websites on the Internet. The reason is that the question base is very large, and the test program is constantly updated. And only professional help will allow you to pass the Marlins Test or Seagull CES test with a guarantee of an excellent result.

Why us:

  • We have extensive experience in performing tasks for fleet employees,
  • Keep track of all requirements updates,
  • We guarantee a set of the required number of points, even under the condition of delivery under remote control.

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